Centurions and BlueCats Information

by Troy Hood

Earth City, MO - April 23rd, 2019

Representatives of the St. Louis Centurions and River City BlueCats met as one at the Lou Fusz Athletic Complex at Ram's Park to discuss the 2019 Season. For those that were unable to make the meeting, we've posted the information package to this article.

2019 Player Information Meeting

  1. Introductions of Staff/Personel

  2. Purpose

  3. History

  4. Goals Going Forward

  5. Schedule of Events

  6. Expectations/Costs

  7. Open discussion/questions

  8. Conclusion

Important Websites to Know

  1. Iblalacrosse.com/rbll-missouri

  2. Rbllmo.com


Our main focus is to provide a place for post-high school and post-collegiate players a place to continue to be competitive in a structured and organized environment. To provide cost friendly entertainment as well as connecting many of the communities, business, and fans around the St. Louis area.


St. Louis based amateur box lacrosse was founded in 2016 playing in the now-defunct CILL and BLL. St. Louis joined the IBLA in 2018 and expanded to a second franchise, River City Bluecats. Hosting nearly 50 players between the two teams the RBLL Missouri sees the growth in Kansas City as they begin their season in 2019. 

The IBLA is made up of 10 regions and more than 24 teams under quick expansion the IBLA now covers the east coast, midwest as well as the west coast providing great variety and competition.

Goals Going Forward

The RBLL Missouri will look to continue to provide great entertainment and quality gameplay in a fast-paced fan-friendly environment. Each team competes independently but we all share the resources of staff and facilities. Having a significant representation at the 2019 IBLA National Tournament is a must. 

Schedule of events


  • 15th - Registration Closes

  • 18th - Player combine at Midwest Sport Hockey (inside Queeny Park


  • 31st - RBLL Missouri regular season concludes


  • 1st - Draft date

  • 26th/27th - Practice begins, weekly, evenings

  • 28th - Player dues owed to their respective teams


  • 6th – 8th - RBLL Missouri Playoff Dates


  • 3rd/4th - Off week 4th of July

  • 10th/11th - Practice resumes

  • 20th - Games begin


  • 4th – 6th - IBLA National Tournament

    • Orange County, California 

Expectations and Costs

It is expected that all players fully commit both financially and with their time and effort. None of this works without cooperation from all participants. A lot of communication happens between staff and players, this communication must be reciprocated. It is expected that all fees be paid in time to allow the league to continue. Both organizations are non-profit and operate on donations and player raised finances.

IBLA League Registration Fee

  • $265/person

    • Includes RBLL Missouri games and officials

RBLL Missouri Fee

  • $300/person

    • Includes uniform, team helmet, practice time, games outside the RBLL Missouri, potential overnight(s) for out of town games

2019 IBLA National Tournament

  • Flight - $500/person (or less)



Register for the RBLL Missouri – iblalacrosse.com/rbll-missouri-register

Work on preparation of fundraising or financial contributions

Prepare for player combine


Any questions regarding either or both teams can be addressed to the following team representatives:

St. Louis Centurions

Brad Shearman - shearmanb39@gmail.com

Rob Nash - coachrobnash@gmail.com

River City BlueCats

Troy Hood - rivercitybluecatslacrosse@gmail.com

Mike Silva - coach.msilva15@gmail.com